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About Kramer Novis

Kramer Novis is a privately-held pharmaceutical company specialized in the marketing and distribution of private label drugs, OTC drugs, protein supplements and supplement products. We have become increasingly efficient and competitive in our business without altering our course and vision; to provide quality pharmaceutical products within the reach of patients.

We are proud of our accomplishments in the past decades and look forward to continue providing our physicians, dietitians, pharmacists and patients reliable pharmaceutical products at affordable prices. Our commitment to comply with FDA regulations is a core value in our business and guarantees reliable products to our customers.

We invest in talented professionals, quality products and service in order to maintain our competitive advantages as main characteristics of our company. Kramer Novis as a rapidly evolving pharmaceutical company focuses in obtaining new innovative pharmaceutical products by in-licensing, new acquisitions and partnered developments.

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Latest News

  • Kramer Novis continues expanding generic line in 2013-2014
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  • New brand products to be launched in fall 2014
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